New Cessna Mustang Thread


Excellent Flight Review from a Cirrus SR-22 pilot.

Wikipedia Cessna 510 Mustang

Flightaware Idependance Municipal Airport Flight Info. Home of the Mustang, and new Mustangs are shown often out on test flights. #### lots of Mustang photos.



Photos of the arrival of New Mustang for Bikkair Taxi of Rotterdam, Netherlands brand spanking new PH-TXI.


If this is an arrival, where is the landing gear? Photoshop?


Could be a low approach or fly by as it appears to me plane is not configured for landing, no flaps extended???.



Post Two, is N510VV 510-0014 doing a high speed pass at it’s home airport of MRPV Tobias Bolanos International Airport, San Jose, Costa Rica. (The photo you are commenting on).

Post Three, is a series of photos, just click on the high-lighted word “Photos”, and you will see fire trucks awaiting the arrival of PH-TXI 510-0050 of Bikkair at it’s new home, at EHRD Rotterdam Airport, Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Post Four, is you comments on Post Three’s statement, but in reference to Post Two’s Photo. Pun intended, just clearing the air!!!


Yes, CAVU on your assessment :smiley: but I think I was post five commenting on four which was commenting on post two picture displayed in the thread.



Flightaware Cessna Mustang N75ES c/n 24 flies as Callsign LYJ75.

LJ Aviation First Company to Offer Cessna Citation Mustang Charter Flights

Wichita, Kan., November 29, 2007 Cessna Aircraft Company, a Textron Inc. (NYSE: TXT) company, announced today that the first charter certificate for the Citation Mustang has been issued to L.J. Aviation.

Based at Latrobe, Pa., L.J. Aviation offers domestic and international charter flights using a fleet of 28 aircraft, including 11 Citations: one Mustang, three Bravos, two Ultras, one Encore, one VII, two Excels and one Sovereign. The fleet will soon be expanded with one Citation CJ3 and one Citation XLS+.

Our diverse fleet can accommodate a wide variety of charter requests. The addition of the Citation Mustang and its low operating cost will allow L.J. Aviation to provide the comfort and flexibility of charter flight to customers who have previously been unable to afford it, said Ed Kilkeary, Sr., president and chief executive officer of L.J. Aviation.


A couple articles from Flying Magazine on the Mustang … cle_id=894 … e_number=1
I kinda wish I had an extra $3M hiding under the couch cushions…


My Mustang N1693L will be available for charter out of the Allentown, PA area shortly.

#11 Shows your aircraft is currently in Nassau, nice.

I assume it is based out of Lehigh Valley International Airport.
Was this aircraft purchased from Joy Yachts, or is JDI Holdings part of the same organization.

Excellent choice in aircraft, and I’ll bet you get comments on it everywhere you go. What color scheme do you have???

I actually have internet photos of 33 of the first 50 Mustangs, but I haven’t as yet seen a photo of N1693L.

I’ll have to watch and see if you visit Toronto, we have a great little airport, Buttonville with Customs, you can avoid our International Airport Pearson.


I bought it from Joy Yachts with 15 hours or so on it. JDI Holdings LLC is my aircraft holding company. The paint scheme is what the previous owner picked out. I am getting it re-stripped when my flying schedule calms down a bit. The plane flys great… 60 more kts TAS and 200 nm. additional range and the plane would be perfect.


Coulda had a CJ1…


Renault Formula One driver picks up the keys to his new Citation Mustang.

Nelson Piquet Jr.'s New Mustang C510-37 N33NP…and Nelson Piquet Sr’s Citation X C750-28 PR-FNP

YouTube nice landing in Dad’s Citation X, their Cheif Pilot was unfortunately killed in an acrobatic accident. Sr. also pilots the C750, and used to own a Lear 36.

#15 … ain/97023/
Some nice exterior/interior shots of Cessna’s Mustang.


The Wichita Eagle
INDEPENDENCE - The shop floor of Cessna Aircraft Co.’ s plant in southeast Kansas is a busy place. With the rat-tat-tatting of rivet guns piercing the air, workers assemble very light Citation Mustangs – one of a new breed of small, affordable corporate jets – along a single production line.

Nearby, workers churn out 172 Skyhawk, 182 Skylane and 206 Stationair aircraft in the crowded space.

This year, the Independence plant will get even busier.

To keep up with soaring demand, workers plan to deliver 100 Mustangs in 2008, more than double its total of 45 from 2007. The number of shipments will rise again next year – to 150 – as the plane hits its full production rate.

“We took one (production) rate increase in January and will take incremental increases throughout the year,” said Terry Clark, the plant’s director of support services.

With more than 400 Mustangs on order, the jet is sold out until sometime in 2010. More than half the orders are from international customers.

“We’re ramping up significantly down there,” said Jack Pelton, Cessna’s chief executive. “We’ve got to be very careful that we don’t bite off more than we can chew.”

‘Whirlwind start-up’

Since the Independence plant delivered the first Mustang in the fall of 2006, it’s been a “busy, whirlwind start-up,” Clark said.

Today, two-thirds of the Independence factory is dedicated to Mustang production. That has meant many changes for the site, which opened in 1996 when Cessna restarted production of single-engine piston planes.

In a $20.4 million expansion, it added a new paint preparation facility and flight center and converted a flight hangar into a delivery center and showroom.

In November, Cessna added a control tower staffed with five air traffic controllers as operations and Mustang flight activities increased.

For single-engine piston planes, the company plans to deliver 835 this year, up from 807 in 2007. That’s down from 2006, however, when Cessna delivered 865.

To free up floor space for Mustang production, Cessna shifted some single-engine work to its Columbus, Ga., plant.

The company isn’t neglecting its single-engine products, Clark said.

“But everyone in the business understands the jets are the breadwinners,” he said.

Everyone also understands that the Mustang is part of a competitive very light jet market.

The Mustang, which is certified for single-pilot operation, carries four passengers. It costs about $2.6 million.

Eclipse Aviation’s Eclipse 500 lists for $1.6 million, Embraer’s Phenom 100 lists at about $3 million and Adam Aircraft’s Adam 700 lists at $2.3 million. Adam Aircraft ceased operations this week.

Other companies also have very light jets under development.

Building jets

Workers turn out nearly four single-engine planes a day and one Mustang a week. This year, they will average two jets a week.

The plant assembles the planes, integrates the systems, paints them – customers can choose from five paint schemes – and performs flight testing and delivery. Fabricated parts arrive mainly from Cessna’s Wichita plant on Pawnee and from Columbus, officials said.

The Independence facility sits on 213 acres, the site of a World War II training base. It employs 1,190 people. Last year, it added 150 workers. By the end of 2008, it expects to employ up to 1,400 workers, Clark said.

Building a jet is more complicated than single-engine aircraft production. Initially, the company asked about 50 workers to go to Wichita for a year to learn how to build the Mustang. Some Wichita workers also spent time in Independence.

“This was a big deal,” Clark said. “The Mustang in Independence – that was the crown jewel for us.”

The jet is “building very well,” Clark said. “We’re taking every lesson learned from every program (and using them) on the Mustang program.”

Jason Kendrick, a Cessna employee for nearly eight years, transferred from the single-engine line to the Mustang.

“Those were a cakewalk compared to what we do over here,” said Kendrick, who was part of the team that went to Wichita.

Jets involve installing a number of systems, and every system has a backup system, he said.

“It’s a lot more challenging,” Kendrick said.

While he misses his friends on the single-engine line, “I wouldn’t change it for the world,” Kendrick said. “I’m a lot better employee now because of all the knowledge I gained.”


Flightaware Tracker N1693L departs on around the world journey!!!

Very impressive resume, Best Wishes on your World Record Assault!!!

Go Mustang…


Making a second attempt after delays…

Here is there location and flight route;


Cessna Citation Mustang Reaches 500-order Milestone
Lakeland, FL - April 8, 2008 - Cessna Aircraft Company, a Textron Inc. (NYSE: TXT) company, announced today at the Sun 'n Fun Fly-In in Lakeland, Fla., that it has surpassed 500 orders for the Citation Mustang entry level business jet.

“We were confident that once our customers started flying the Citation Mustang we’d have very happy owners and accelerated orders. The response from the global market has been nothing short of exceptional,” said Roger Whyte, senior vice president, Sales and Marketing, at Cessna. “The Mustang is now certified in 47 countries, and the fleet of approximately 60 aircraft has accumulated more than 10,500 hours so far. Customers are extremely pleased with the airplane, the only fully operational entry level business jet available.”

Cessna delivered the first retail Citation Mustang to Dave and Dawn Goode of GOODE Ski Technologies on April 23, 2007, and finished the year with 45 delivered. From Cessna’s facility in Independence, Kan., the company expects to deliver 100 Mustangs by the end of 2008 and reach its targeted full production rate of about 150 aircraft per year by the end of 2009.

The six-place Citation Mustang has a top speed of 340 knots, a range of 1,150 nautical miles (with NBAA IFR Reserves) and a service ceiling of 41,000 feet, enabling more efficient operations above most weather and commercial traffic.

The aircraft features a fully functional Garmin G1000 system that includes two 10-inch primary flight displays and one 15-inch multi-function display. Included in the system is the integrated GFC700 dual-channel, fail passive, digital autopilot. The Mustang was the first aircraft certified to take advantage of WAAS navigation features including WAAS LPV approaches that provide both lateral and vertical guidance. Garmin’s G1000 avionics suite also includes SafeTaxi, which gives a graphical representation of the aircraft in the airport environment.


They were featured in the Flying Sets You Apart ad from April’s Flying. They are standing in front of that Mustang, N600DE.