EmPower electrical outlets on Delta 767-400


I am taking a trip soon on Delta and am finding conflicting information regarding the EmPower power outlets on their 767-400.

I have a portable DVD player that has the normal 110 USA plug and a 12v car-lighter plug.

Would anyone know what plug would work on that aircraft? or do I need an adapter?



Although the dimensions are the same, it appears there is a special Empower approval process that the device needs to go through.

Delta’s website has more information.


Yes it is Empower. Another source is SeatGuru.com which not only shows power type but location (which seats) on the aircraft


Thanks. Actually, I checked out the Delta site and seatguru before I posted here. Anyone know what the outlet on the plane actually looks like?


The empower adapter is not a standard plug or a car cigarette lighter adapter type. You neeed a special converter to use it on a plane and it seems pretty standard across airlines, look for the empower name or logo.


A Picture of the connector may be found at

support.gateway.com/s/Mobile/per … mvr4.shtml


Bingo – that’s it.

. . . and don’t forget that every emPower device plugged in adds 10ft to the takeoff roll! :wink: