What does the Q in B767/Q stand for?

Hey guys,

I’m going to fly FRA - JFK with Delta Air Lines in April. Flightaware says they’re using a B767/Q or W on this route. What does this Q or W stand for???

How about the IFE? Are there personnel TVs on each seat now, or are there just a few on the aisle?

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Answer to question 1: flightaware.com/about/faq.rvt
Answer to question 2: This type of answered best by going to the airline’s web page. Also, see seatguru.com for information on seating.

Some Delta 767s have AVOD, others have overhead monitors for the cabin.

Thanks for instant replies. I checked out seatguru.com. 767-300ER Version 1 fits with the seating map on Delta’s hp. They’re not giving any precise information about the IFE equipment in Eco-class on this particular flight. So it’s a matter of luck to get one with AVOD.