Airline iPod Connectivity


Ars Technica: Airlines add iPod connectivity

Today, Apple announced that it has partnered with Air France, Continental, Delta, Emirates, KLM, and United to offer in-flight iPod integration. What does this mean? Well, the six airlines participating so far plan to offer iPod seat connections with power, so that you can charge your iPod while flying. Even cooler than that, though, is that they also are going to rig things up so that you can watch video content from your iPod on the seat-back display in front of you.




It’s going to be kinda difficult to play my air guitar to Van Halen’s “Eruption” when confined to my seat.

Thats a useful nugget of information, Nugget.


Definitive proof that there is a God!


One more reason not to use the Zune.


American provides power ports on most aircraft/most seats (not all). For $30 you can buy an iPod usb power adapter. Personally, I would rather have power to my chair for my choice of electronics (laptop, iPod, Atari…).

Cell phones are next. God help us!


I think you’re missing the point, this is more Apple’s move than the airlines’. Especially with the Zune coming out, Apple wants people to see the iPod as THE portable music player, and this is just another step in that direction.


:open_mouth: Oh… I get it! :unamused:

A few planes that wont likely have the iPod service:
N887WM (edited 11/15)
And the NetJets fleet especially EJA931 & 970


Your point?


Aircraft owned by Bill Gates.


N877WM is not Assigned/Reserved


My mistake. N887WM


931QSis partually owed by MS, but I don’t see how MS is involved with 970QS are one of those companies a MS company? I wonder just how many aircraft they have, either owned outright or via quarter share? And why a X and not a Falcon 2000? Maybe Bill Gates hates the French :laughing:


Challenger Aministration is Trey’s aircraft holding company.


American has free power ports in some rows of its aircraft. You need a power converter to run anything with a plug though. Made that mistake a few times.