Love the new sectionals, but ...

Could you also do the enroute (i.e. high altitude airway) charts? That is what the commercial flights are using, so it is fun to see exacly what route they are using. Love the website!

Yep - we ordered them Friday so we should have them online soon.

Good, that will be cool!

I too love the option to overlay sectional. I just read the request and response for enroute chart overlay, great. I would love to see an option to overlay terminal approach procedures (Including SIDs/STARS, ILS, GPS, RNAV, Etc.)

I paid $10.00 for a sectional charts app for my iPod Touch. And now this! When is that FlightAware app going to show up, by the way?

The flight tracking app should be any day now.

SIDEBAR: What the? No more Hobbes??? What’s up with that?

Good question – here’s a sneak peak of what’s going on:

I looked for ten seconds before realizing what I was seeing…very cool! It’s too late for good concentration.

NICE! Any chance of adding “flights” as a tab, allow the user to add flights they have taken whether it be commercially or private?

Be a nice venue to share “where we have been” like the tracking other members thread.

You’re going to be very happy. There’s lots like that to come, but there is actually a “Flights” tab on the internal version, but it got pulled at the last minute from the release due to an issue. It’ll be there soon.

I LOVE the new sectional and Earth View maps as well as the “hover” feature. This is a marked improvement from the blue map.

One area of improvement is to make the flight information tags on the airport-specific sectionals (i.e. arrivals and departures from PDX,) a different color. Right now when one hovers over the ‘plane’, the color of the flight information tag is a light-blue color, which can be difficult to read amongst the busyness of the sectionals map. Is there a way to change the color, or bold the text?

~CGKins317 :slight_smile:

We’re working on a way to make the tags more readable with the sectionals background.