Emirates A380 arriving YYZ today . . . photo . . .

Flightaware Flight Tracker Emirates flight UAE241

I was in YYZ last week. My co-pilot and I were eating pizza in my hotel room when he looked out the window and said, “what airline is that?”
So I look out…“umm…that Emirates I thi…DUDE! That’s an A380!”

This was taken from my hotel room about half a mile away. (not bad for my little powershot at maximum zoom!)

So I had to take a long walk to go see it closer.

Here she is in all her ahem…glory.

A380 and B777

Much better than my first shot!, landing at Heathrow in the no name Bulgarian registered Airbus, at dusk - I took the shot just as we were touching down.

Nice pics dude!!! Tks for shareing!!

Awesome! thanks alot.

Click Here photo showing first arrival of A380 in Toronto - check out all the ramp crew checking the plane out!!!, along with the video link taken from the CTV News helicopter in Toronto.

Just looking at Tom Podolec’s and realize he is a big aviation spotter at heart, he is a photographer on the CTV Jet Ranger.