Airbus A380 jet lands at Heathrow


From the BBC.

The Airbus A380, the world’s biggest passenger jet, has landed at London’s Heathrow Airport for the first time.





Seriously, I love how Airbus keeps overpromoting this aircraft. Okay so we know the damn thing can fly, it’s in LHR for the first time. What do they want, a cookie? Want to make a statement that counts for something? GET THE PLANE CERTIFIED!!! A European consortium-owned company can’t get its product “flying” IN EUROPE, and this is supposed to make it all look like gravy!!! Ever plan on actually DELIVERING one for passenger use!!! This “A380 World Tour '05-'06” is getting old. So many tests have been run through enough airports to know what runway/ramp/jetway dimensions are necessary to support the whale; Airbus is just dying for some GOOD publicity. Enough already!! (I’m talking to Airbus here, jimsig…Don’t take it to heart :wink: )


Take a deep breath Planeaholic, it’ll be OK!

I agree though, I’m quite tired of their endless promotions with no real substance. Get the plane certified and delivered, that’ll impress me.


I’m good. It’s just that every time I start to feel sorry for Airbus (even though I prefer Boeing), they go and do something annoying like this. I realize that this story, article, whatever, didn’t come directly from Airbus, but you can bet the farm that they made numerous phone calls, etc. to make sure that the whole bloody world knew A380 was headed to London. Big deal. Until they’ve got any info w/ substance, they should just go about their pre-certification drills and tests, keep their mouths shut, and worry more about what the hell to do with A350.
The dog that retreats with his tail between his legs will usually outlive the barking Chihuahua that thinks he’s a Pit Bull. If you want to be a big dog, you need to get some bite and forget the barking.


Promoting a new aircraft is quite often done. I’m not talking about something like the 97th version of the 737 or the 23 version of the A320 but a completely new design.

The 747, DC-8, and other aircraft all had extensive tours. The tours not only promote the aircraft but also, especially in the case of the A380, allow the designers to show the airports that the aircraft can operate there efficiently.


I am still waiting for the first GP7200 powered A380 to fly. Boeing did a big world tour with the 777-300ER…but then again it didn’t seem to make the news at every stop - maybe Airbus just has some good marketing people :laughing:


…maybe Airbus just has some good marketing people

The best marketing people government can buy - but I’m not saying Airbus received more subsidies than the better aircraft maker.


Very good point!


If that’s the best marketing strategy that Airbus can come up with, they’re in more trouble than I thought!! Most av. enthusiasts (who are generally the only people who give a crap about these news stories anyway) are smart enough to realize that this is non-news. No substance at all. Nothing “new” about it, other than an A380 hasn’t flown into LHR before now. I’ve never flown into LHR either; will it make the news when I do? Hell no! And it shouldn’t. I’ve said it already: the REAL A380 news will be when the plane is certified and delivered for passenger use. Everything else is just filler till then. Waste basket filler, AFAIC.