Email Notifications - Time Zone



Is it possible to have my email alerts sent using UTC as the time zone?

I track a number of Emirates flight and put their arrival and departure times into a statistical database using UTC because it is an unaltering constant, it is the standard time in aviation and it is used to avoid confusion over time zones and daylight saving.

To make things easier by avoiding conversions, I would like to see my email notifications all using UTC, as was todays notification of EK407s departure from NZAA, can this be done?

The other thing that bothers me is the lack of data in the emails about the actual aircraft flying the route. Is it at all possible to include the aircraft registration in the notifications?

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You can change your time zone to UTC under your main account settings. Click on your username at the top of the site and you can change any time or display settings under Option 5. If you change your time zone to UTC and then choose to display flight activity in your time zone, the alerts will change too.

There currently is not a way to customize the alerts individually for different time zones but perhaps that could be made possible at some point in the future.

Our alerts display the aircraft by the identifier on the flight plan. Since commercial flights are typically flown with a flight number we send the alerts for that. Also, we are not always provided with the registration number for commercial flights.



Thanks heaps, that has solved the problem with the time zone and made things so much easier. As for the aircraft registration, I guess I’ll just have to carry on as before.