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Easiest way to add 978

What is the easiest way to add 978? I have a Pro stick + on a PI 4 running the Piaware image with FR24 and rbfeeder piggybacked. I have an orange Pro sick and dual band filter sitting here and would like to add 978UAT coverage.

Quote from “Piaware SD card image 3.8.0 Quickstart Guide

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Quick question, but how do you assign the correct “serial number” to the correct radio? For example running a blue pro stick+ and orange pro stick you would want the blue on 1090 and orange on 978?


This will explain:

Thanks… Worked great!

Thanks Mark, that explains it.

Just wondering, how do you get two pro stick dongles on a Raspberry Pi? The Orange one I have blocks the remaining 3 USB ports.

You will need a USB extension.

I purchased these USB Extension on Amazon. Four (4) for $9.99 USD. Fairly short, 15cm.

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Removing the plastic cover is another possibility.

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