Dragon 6

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Here’s a flight I followed yesterday. It is an aerial refueller of the RAAF carrying out some training with the FA-18’s from down South I guess. The pics show the track and then a couple as DRGN6 came overhead on the way home to Amberley. The range rings in the pics are at 50km spacings. I thought it was pretty interesting.

*Some of the pics are quite large, apologies for that.

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I had a contact with the RAAF in 2007.
My wife and I had flown to Kangaroo Valley, near Nowra NAS, during our second honeymoon(The first was in Italy).
We got stuck there for a few days with bad weather.
When we finally were able to leave we headed back via the coast, first stop Wollongong to refuel then north via the coast.
We were listening to the area frequency when we heard some F18s roaring up the coast.
We were adjacent to the Royal National park, watching a few whales from a respectful distance.
The controller called out us as traffic and we got to watch them zoom by at about 500’ and a few miles out to see.
It is not often you get to look down on F18s flying past from a little helicopter.

Very nice!