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6 Ship of fighters departing KPSM at 10:15

This morning I happened to see a 6 Ship of fighters depart KPSM at around 10:15 this morning. They did quite a few passes, usually as a formation of four, followed by a a formation of two. They were all carrying drop tanks and didn’t appear to be a current US fighter. Their silhouette was that of an A-4, but I’m guessing that they were foreign and on their way back from Red Flag or some other exercise. Anybody know anything about them, what they were, who they belong to, or where they are heading?

I heard them all the way down here in Hampton. I didn’t see them but it sounds like a similar scenario (with the multiple tribute passes) to when the RAF regularly passes through PSM on their way to Red Flag. The only thing is that they are usually flying Tornadoes with a Tristar tanker… nothing that looks an A-4.