Seen today 19/03/18


Hi guys I’ve joined today to see if anyone else saw this today other than the person with me,
At around 11.00am /11.10 over doncaster (i dont live far from airport)
going from south to north at a very fast speed i noticed two con trails, i said to the person with me "thats unusual " he asked why ? and it was how close they were together,
one behind the other. The only way i can describe the distance would be if you extended your arm and made a victory sign, thats how far apart they seemed.
I said they have to be militry jets, with that he said they look like airliners to me, and i had to concur then he said hey look at the lead plane there are four smaller jets two on each side flying in a v formation to the 1st plane. i went and got my powerful binos out, and there was 2 fighter jets each side of lead airliner, but were so hi up they just looked white, and in the short space of time i had to see them couldn’t make out type as by time i got binos they were going away from my position, the two bigger aircraft had 2 engines not four and were not prop aircraft, noise was fairly low given how many aircraft, they looked like normal airliners and if it wasnt for there distance apart i wouldn’t have given them a second look. I would estimate from seeing planes on other flight tracking sites and looking at planes going over that they where anywhere from 37,000/40,000 ft up at the time of seeing them there was a little cloud around but did not impair viewing these until they were some distance away leaving my position another thing there were other aircraft coming from the east with contrails not to far away from these but looked slightly lower.
I’ve checked on other sites and these planes dont show up no transponder codes or anything its like they wasn’t there.

It now seems what we saw was 2 airbus 330’s of the Airforce refueling wing with 4 fighter jets either refuelled or waiting to be,
the RAF have recently had a update on the 330’s so could have been a training run.