"Dot Com" airline or company??

While flying around the West yesterday, in the high altitude region, I heard a flight with a number and " DOT COM"

Who are they??

Capt Jack


For all those that can’t get back on the Blocked aircraft reg. list you can pay FltPlan and use the .com to hide your flights

Rendered pointless by the FAA’s recent change to let anyone on the blocking list.

Mark You’d be surprised how many DOT.COM call-signs I’ve run across in the last 3 weeks. I didn’t know that the FAA had changed the rules (AGAIN!)

It just goes to prove my point- America will buy anything slap a price tag on it and say it’s the best and someone will buy it!

The FAA reauth bill was going to make then open up the blocking list to anyone, so they did it before the bill took effect to make the lawsuit go away.

What does fltpln charge for this? I only wonder, because a local guy that flies a Piper Archer has started using the Dot Com callsign occasionally.

I’ve been noticing a Premier 1 that flies into and out of KBLM using this also. I have an idea what plane it is, but I have to confirm it some day. If it is the same Premier I think it is, it was never blocked before.