'Dot Com' Flights

This is probably a long shot, but does anyone have a list of the callsigns linked with the tail number.
I know some aircraft also change their callsigns frequently.

Are you talking about aircraft that use “dot com”? If so, I think (don’t quote me on this) it’s Family Dollar’s fleet.


You can quote me. It is owned by Family Dollar.

All registrations for Family Dollar:
N400FD, N445FD, N545FD, N636FD, N900FD, N932ED: “fee paid”, no aircraft assigned
N645FD: Lear 45
N931FD: Lear 31A
N932FD: Lear 31A
N945FD: Lear 45

There was one that flew into KRFD the other day, I happened to see its registration and was baffled. Good to see who runs it. I was kinda wondering. Let me see if I can pull up the past records for KRFD for the last few days, to get the tail number on it

Here it is ~ flightaware.com/live/flight/DCM6017

If you pay fltplan.com a fee, you can use their call sign, which is Dotcom so that your aircraft tail number isn’t tracked. It was a bigger deal before BARR was reinstated. It’s more than just Family Dollars fleet.

Anybody can use a dot com callsign if signed up with fltplan.com. There is a guy on our field that uses his Archer for business use, and frequently files as a Dot Com.

Another flight ~ flightaware.com/live/flight/DCM7133

So is this a company that you pay, so you can use their registration, so your identity will remain anonymous?

Pretty much. The company has obtained the call sign “Dot Com” from the FAA. For a fee, they file your flight plan using their assigned call sign.

They are, or were, primarily a very good, free flight planning website. You create a login, aircraft profiles, etc…and you can flight plan, file, and get weather in one quick transaction.
They now offer several additional services for a price. Weight and Balance, Safety Management System, and the aforementioned “Dot Com” call sign.