Does anyone know when air force one will be in Phoenix next?


I live in the phoenix area and wanted to know when air force one will be back.


Not anytime soon :smiling_imp:


I was there and saw that through my binoculars. It was pretty funny :smiley:


Yeah, I laughed at that dumb governor, too.


Yea, I applauded that governor who realizes that the federal government is to be the servant of the state governments, NOT the other way around.


I really don’t want to get political here…

But if that were the case, then I should have been lynched, because the Loving v. Virginia decision handed down by SCOTUS should have only applied to Virginia, not Nebraska, Oklahoma, Nevada, California (All of which where I’ve lived), and I am in an interracial relationship.

Who bows down to whom?



get your friends to kick in a $1m. . … he’ll show up