Does anyone know the tail number of Obama's new plane?


He had been using NAO1 up until June 17th, but now I notice he is no longer using it.


It’s covered in the presidential candidate topic.


They are numbering his flights sequentially, so his next flight will be MEP8659, etc.


FlightAware Flight Tracker Obama’s flight diverted today due to mechanical issues. news story


National Transportation Safety Board
Washington, DC 20594

July 7, 2008


The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating an
incident at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport in which
a chartered Midwest Airlines airplane carrying Senator
Barack Obama made an uneventful precautionary landing due to
a suspected flight control anomaly.

At about 9:30 a.m. CDT this morning, a McDonnell Douglas MD-
81 airplane (N804ME), operated by Midwest Airlines as Flight
8663, diverted to St. Louis, Missouri, during a flight from
Chicago, Illinois to Charlotte, North Carolina. There were
no injuries to the 48 passengers and crew.

NTSB Chairman Mark V. Rosenker has designated Todd Fox as
the Investigator-in-Charge for this incident. Fox is
expected to arrive on scene this afternoon.

Post-flight inspection of the airplane revealed an in-flight
deployment of the aft emergency exit slide within the tail

Preliminary information indicate that the crew disconnected
the autopilot during climbout from Chicago, while being
vectored around thunderstorms, when they reportedly felt
elevator control forces that were heavier than normal. They
therefore elected to make a precautionary landing at St.
Louis. After landing, it was learned that the aft emergency
exit slide had deployed within the tail cone. The tail cone
did not separate from the airplane.



#7 … ne-sc.html

Seems Obama’s aircraft was in the shop, and he was using Hillary’s aircraft.


Wow. Reading some of the comments in that last posted link was fun. Hmm the conspiracy theorists really came out to play in that one. Its an MD-81 its getting up there in years. Stuff is gonna happen.


With Obama due a mini european trip in the very near future does he, potentially president elect, now *qualify *for use of military VIP transports (C32/C37/C40) to get him to Europe? Doubt the stuff he has used so far has the legs.



Sure, why not? After all, since being elected to US the Senate in 2004, he has actually worked at the job he was elected to do for 143 days. I think with that many days of actual (?) work, he deserved to screw the American public once more with a taxpayer paid trip to Europe.





Unfortunately, as a “Senator,” he can call it an official fact finding trip and get military transport.