Stolen Canadian Plane Flying Over the Midwest

I have no idea why the best resource for this story is from Australia, but this is an interesting article: … 54,00.html

Anyone figure out the tail number yet?,0,4366883.story

No idea as to the tail number, but it wouldn’t show up on FA if there were no flight plan filed or the plane wasn’t squawking.

We may not know the tail number and it doesn’t have a flight plan, but I’ll bet it has a target designation…

If it lands here, can I keep it?

He landed … index.html

Sources are reporting that the aircraft was brought down by numerous hits of “throwed rolls” from Lambert’s Cafe in Sikeston, MO.

CNN reports that the pilot, Yaviz Burke, has been captured. He immigrated to Canada in 2008 from Turkey. Yeah, the same Turkey where a plot to assassinate the President was uncovered and thwarted only days before his visit.

“It landed in the town of Ellsinore, population 360, in southern Missouri”!!!

That particular illegal alien is one lucky SOB the word didn’t get out that local law enforcement was looking for him in the area! :open_mouth:

Departed Canada…(albeit Thunder Bay)
landed Ellisnore…

STRANGE BREW, Ellsnore Beer!! Canada!!!

Coo loo coo coo loo co loo coo coooooo … coo loo coo coo co loo coo coooooooooo.

Take off, eh…

I’ve been tracked without filing a Flight plan. Also, since he is at 14,500 ft he is well into a center facilities airspace. Now, if only those fighter jets relayed the tail number of the aircraft, we would have something.

I didn’t say that the system couldn’t track him, I expressed doubt that his track would become part of the FAA feed and show up on Flight Aware.

He was trying to commit suicide. Why didn’t they help a brother out?

I agree…I’d have ordered him shot down 2 miles into US airspace.

…but then, I am cranky today.

TC … tml?ref=us

A suspect, Adam Dylan Leon, 31, was taken into custody about 9:30 p.m. in the same area, said Sgt. Marty Elmore, a spokesman for the Missouri Highway Patrol.

My favorite part of the article: the evacuation of the Wisconsin State Capitol!!!

PETA would have protested…

If anyone knows which of the Confederation College birds it was I’ll look around in the raw data.

This image from KFVS shows a partial on the registration:

WANG unable to respond?.. hmm, maybe I should rephrase this:)
I thought the military had orders to shoot suspicious aircraft down immediately. Why did they hesitate?