Does anyone have a comprehensive list of all FBO's in the US

In excel format would be the best!

I don’t, but these guys might sell you one!

AOPA ( has one, but don’t know what format it is in.

Let me guess, the original poster plans to fly and visit each and every FBO in the United States to have a need for such a comprehensive list.


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Actually I am working on a project for an FBO chain and they are looking for an analysis into what geographic sector they would like to expand into. Currently they have a strong presence on the East Coast.

Until you mentioned this, I was thinking along the lines that you may be setting up an aviation web page that contained one-stop listing of FBOs.

At no time did I think you were going to try to fly to all of them.

Once the operation expands and becomes successful, Signature can come in and buy it. :wink:

Along with the “Millionaire” prices :stuck_out_tongue:

No sure don’t but maybe this site will help

Works for me.

No kidding. I guess the rich guys that like to be pampered and see the luxury of it bla bla bla…Well, all I can say is that it is NOT worth teh 50+ dollar landing fees they charge.

Oh to pay only fifty bucks again…the good ol’ days… :unamused:


Landing and parking fees at least at IAD and PIE are not set by the F.B.O. they are set by the airport authority. This should be the same all across the country. F.B.O. charges are fuel…unless things have changed? :astonished:

Ramp fees and landing fees are two different beasts. Landing fees are set by the airport and ramp fees are set by the FBO.

While I have not encountered landing fees in my short time of flying, I have encountered ramp fees and they can be all over the page even at the same airport much less nationwide. I am not sure how landing fees are set but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was by the weight or size of the plane.

Using KIAD, looking at will support this.

As you can see by the comments, ramp fees / handling fees / parking fees or what ever you wish to call them ranged from $30 to $90 from FBO to FBO in 2007.

At all the places I encountered ramp fees, if I fueled up, that fee was waived. When I was at DMW, the overnight parking fees were waived because I fueled up.

Yes, a handling fee is an amount set by the F.B.O… While working at IAD, I had a number of issues with crew members disagreeing with payment of a bill. As I noted, the 2 fees landing and parking are airport regulated. Yes size and weight are the factors. A B747SP for a Saudi royal is going to be more then a King Air or Gulfstream. Now where they reel you in is programs where your fuel consumption is scaled to allow discounts or waiver of the “Handleing fees”. If you buy $2500 in fuel, of course I’ll waive the $125 handleing fees. Any time you tell someone they are getting a small portion of their bill cut out it would make them happy. Throw in a free pack of golf balls stamped with the F.B.O. logo on them, and that aircraft will be back every time. :wink:

Thanks for distinquishing the difference between parking and handling fees. Never heard of that until this thread. I kinda equated the handling or overnight fees as “parking fees” in my feeble mind.

I am surprised that the airport charges for parking in the “non movement” areas, but then again with aviation, why should I be surprised. :wink:

Just glad it’s not the norm!

The problem with a “Handling Fee” is that you don’t receive a commensurate amount of service. I don’t mind paying when I’m getting something in return, but to pay $300-$500 for marshalling me to a parking spot (whenever that even happens :unamused: ), throwing a couple of chocks around the tires, and maybe a carpet at the bottom of the stairs?..come on. And to buy 200 gal. of fuel, that I don’t need, at $8+/gal to waive the “Handling Fee”…that doesn’t pencil. Especially when my home price is $3-$4/gal less. Now I’ll gladly buy courtesy fuel at an independant FBO when they provide good service without any of the fluff fees.

Dunno about you azav8r, but for me, one of the more intimidating things of flying is ground ops, especially when coming to a larger airport for the very first time and every plane I see, I “look up to”. Get me to an FBO without a marshaller, and I am almost like a deer in headlights.

Once I pulled up at KJAN, and after leaving the movement area, was looking for a marshall. None to be found, so I called into unicom frequency to see if anybody could tell me where to park. Yep you guessed it nobody answered.

There were no markings on the pavement so I just parked it where I thought it should be. Didn’t get a parking ticket, nor did I get “the boot” so I guess I did ok. :astonished:

And to pay a handling fee for that. Rediculous…

I’ve noticed that many airports charge a parking fee.

Napa, CA: All aircraft are charged an overnight parking fee. Purchasing fuel does not waive the parking fee. The fee is $5 to $20.

Campbell River,BC: No charge for the first 6 hours. The rate in Canadian dollars is $6.11 to $46.79 per day. A monthly rate is also available. A ramp fee is also charged between June 15 and September 15.

New York (LGA) (PDF): Based on 8 hour increments. The break points are aircraft 100,000 pounds or less certified gross weight ($55) and 101,000 to but not exceeding 200,000 pounds certified gross weight ($85). No mention about aircraft above 200,000 pounds. Does this mean LGA is trying to get larger aircraft in so they can have fewer flights and thus the aircraft above 200,000 are exempt from parking fees?

Modesto, CA: Overnight parking charges range from $6 to $12.

Cleveland (BKL): Free for two hours then $5 for 2 to 24 hours and $5 for each additional 24 hours

Chandler, AZ: Transient/Overnight Parking is $9 to $23.

Waterloo, ON: (Canadian dollars) $6 to $42.25 (monthly rates available; 6% Goods and Services Tax to be added to the rates shown.)

McCall, ID: $5 to $45 per night for overnight parking.

San Francisco, CA (PDF; called “Outdoor Aircraft Storage Fees” but sounds like parking fees to me):
General Aviation
$36 to $160 for the first 8 hours or fraction thereof (each additional 8 hours or fraction thereof is $8 to $68); monthly rates available.

Commercial operators
$325 for the first 8 hours or fraction thereof for aircraft with maximum weight of up to 250,000 pounds. Aircraft 250,000 pounds and heavier it is $660. Each additional 8 hours or fraction thereof are $175 and $300 respectively. monthly rates available.

San Luis Obispo, CA: Transient parking per day ranges from $5 to $20.

Hanscom, MA: Parking fee is based on aircraft’s wing span: 40 feet or less it is $14; 41 to 55 feet is $27; 56 to 70 feet is $73; 71 to 100 feet is $126; over 100 feet is $165.00

Ashland, WI: Free for up to 14 days. For more than 14 days, a tie-down lease is needed. The cost is $40 a month.

There’s more but I grew tired of looking at them all! To replicate what I did, use the search terms “airport aircraft parking fees” (without the quotation marks) in Google.