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Does anyone have a comprehensive list of all FBO's in the US


No need to go through the work of a Google search. Many of the usual suspects that pilots use to get airport information (for example AOPA) will typically include information about fees as well. They usually won’t include the exact amount of landing, handling or parking fees as those vary by aircraft weight/type. Fees are usually nominal as a percentage of the cost of the flight there (for example, single engine piston aircraft are usually only a few dollars for overnight parking), so I don’t usually check them. Even very small airports in remote locations around here charge a couple of dollars a night for parking, but waive it if you buy fuel. The main exception are major airports that use high landing fees as a way to discourage small aircraft from landing there and mixing smaller, slower planes in with the high volume of faster aircraft. OHare, Boston and SFO all come to mind.


I agree with your feelings sir. As someone who has been a ramp sup. for an F.B.O. I tried to meet every flight that came on our ramp no matter the size. Does that still constitute “Great service” not really. But what I would see is a ramp loaded with aircraft who if all their pax were treated with VIP treatment the crews were happy. Yes sometimes the fees may not seem like they meet the service levels, and the employees should be called on it.


I still cannot fathom why charge $300 to $500 for a jet (I jockey a single engine piston myself so I cannot relate to a 3 figure handling fee from personal experience) on top of a landing fee.

Labor for putting a set of chocks down, putting a piece of carpet down and fueling a plane and surely can’t be that high per transient airplane? And this is one airplane, can’t imagine how many other jets come through to add up the what I will call gouging.

And it’s gouging because yes, you say you will potentially wave it with a fill up, but as azav8r already indicated, fuel price is sooooo high compared to a neighboring airport that it would be cheaper to pay the handling fee in some cases. I can see the business need being more important then saving money thus “having no choice” based on a business need. Thankfully this is not the case for this pilot so I would go to a neighboring airport and give them my business.

We haven’t even got into the service aspect yet.

Chocolate Chip Cookies anyone???


I can begrudgingly understand to a point! At some major airports, when the controlling authority is imposing huge lease and business/environmental fees on an FBO. Then it just becomes a cost of doing business. But when FBO Brand A is charging a “Handling Fee” that’s significantly more that Brand B, well…that’s a choice. But when you’re stuck with only one choice on the field… :angry: There are a couple of FBO chains that seem to be trying to take over the world, with “Handling Fees”.


Clearly you jest :wink:

Shucks, I thought I had just learned a new tool to Google landing fees in my preflight briefing

Dang, another reason for that drab green AFDSE book that sits in the deep recesses of my flight bag. Nah, maybe a phone call to the FBO? Flight Guide?

I’mmmmmmm sooooooo confuuuuuuuuuused. :smiley:


See, dami can teach you a thing or two about flying.

Dang, another reason for that drab green AFDSE book that sits in the deep recesses of my flight bag. Nah, maybe a phone call to the FBO? Flight Guide?

I was trying not to say those words. Teach a person to fish and all that …


There seems to be a misunderstanding of my post that begins as shown above. I’m talking about parking fees, not landing fees.

I have the feeling that many others - not the super smart ones but us common every day Joes on the forum - knew about landing fees but didn’t realize that many airports charge a parking fee even for transient aircraft. That’s why I did some research. I wanted to increase my knowledge of airport operations for both myself and for others who were interested.

Please note that I also didn’t get into ramp fees. Those seem to be charged by FBOs and not the airport management.


I’ve seen parking fees charged by the airport in some places and by the FBO in others. At some it can be either depending where you park. In places where the FBO charges, it appears that they own or lease their space and parking fees are one way they help pay for their operation.

Perhaps the subtlety was lost on you, but Mark Duell sent a pretty clear message that he would like to see these forums remain free of name calling and personal attack, so how about you not starting those again.


(The following is a combination of two postings by ca)

I’m not starting it up again. You are. I was making a subtle joke using my dry humor (humour for those in the UK and Canada).

My apologies to those who are not humor impaired. My last words on the subject.


Without sounding argumentitive, one thing which always amazed me was the nickel and dime argument when it was time to pay a bill. Some fees as I said are a must, others open for debate. That said and understanding that companies have a budget for all departments…including their flight…why when it is a company card paying for the expense of flying johnny big shot with all his trimmings would crew members still haggle like they are at a flea market? I had one customer fill his tanks with pure JetA and come in and slap Exxon coupons down for “Free gas”, I slid them back and said “Sorry we pump Shell”.


It’s the fees that are “open for debate” that I have a problem with. I never “haggle” over charges that are fair and reasonable. I pay the bills without argument because it’s business. But if a charge appears excessive and unreasonable, I will dispute it. No it’s not my money… however, I have a responsibility to my employer to control costs. Mr. “Big Shot” got that way because he was smart with his money (speaking in my employer’s situation). For my continued employment, I’m going to help him out with that.


I guess the real estate at some airports is pricey. I’ve noticed gas costs more at the little non-service stations in downtown Seattle as compared to the more rural stations.


Can you break down exactly what expense is being recovered for a 2 to 3 hundred dollar handling fee for transient jets??? Something that usually is serviced in less then 1/2 hour (if even that long?)

Don’t you already make a profit on the excruciatingly expensive Avgas to cover expenses of rent, personnel and so on?

What about a small peon like me, being charged lets say $75 handling fee for “passing through” I just can’t justify the value of the service being worth S75 for my five to ten minutes of service / attention given to me at my arrival.

I mean think about it, if I have to pay $75 for handling at FBO “A” and at the very same airport just a couple hundred yards away, I get the SAME service for$25, what gives??? Sure sounds like that FBO “A” is doing some gouging. And as azav8r already pointed out, if FBO “A” is the only show in town, then it is gouging since there is no competition.

I’m gritching loudly on this due to my bad experience with the “one show in town” on an Angel Flight at KJAN. They were going to charge me a handling fee in spite the nature of the flight, in spite that I wouldn’t need any handling since I was fueled up at my home airport and the person I talked to wasn’t in any negotiation mood. I even offered to provide proof I was on an Angel flight. At the time, the handling fee was over 1 hours flight time for my Sundowner. For what??? For a marshal to wave some batons and walk away after finding out I don’t’ need any services??? This doesn’t compute in my simple mind.

My resolution to this was that it turned out the angel flight originated from my airport after I talked with the mother and she preferred leaving from my own airport anway. She just didn’t know about KMBO being an option.

Bottom line in my eyes, I understand there may be a need for handling fees, but they should be reasonable. My Sundowner doesn’t cost any FBO $75.00 in expenses for a 30 minute turn time.


I’m not sure I can answer your question…I know back in the day I’d hear the same argument. Those fees come from the Corp. bean counters.

When you are “The only game” well then I am sure that you are in a bind and at the mercy of that FBO.

I can imagine that for a larger corp. jet where the list of services is something like:
Order catering, store catering in refrigerator.
Reservations for rental cars (if it isn’t a drop and go).
Reservations for hotel rooms for crew (if it isn’t a drop and go).
Yes people to park the aircraft, answer the radio call…

The amount is again a slide scale, you pay $75 at FBO A the G IV which is just pulling in behind you is paying $300…or what ever it is. Bottom line is that as I learned a long time ago, flying is an expensive endevor.Also as I have said, and I may be an exception…would be willing to cut or trim fees depending on fuel purchased.

I was also just thinking about something, when I was talking about “Nickeling and dimeing the bill” It was the G-IV crew for the multi billion $ corp. who normally tried to get the fees waived, but wants everything done a.s.a.p… To them I’d raise an eye brow. Yes I’d work with them, but if the person was confrontational to a member of the ramp, person behind the counter…they get all fees. A person like yourself comes in and drops off and is gone in 10 min, landing and parking and off with ya…I need the ramp space. I believe whole heartedly in treating people as I want to be treated. Kill someone with kindness and they’ll bend over backword for you. Treat them like a gas station attendant and you will get a gas station attendant to handle your bill. :wink:


Back in the day, with some notable and well known exceptions, if you were flying a GA aircraft and you were on the ground for less than an hour while visiting an airport there were NO landing or handling fees whatsoever. Regardless of whether or not you purchased fuel.