I wonder what’s going on with fin6 being diverted to Bangor?


flightaware.com/live/flight/FIN6 :wink:


Thanks, yeah, I saw that.

Being new to this site, I wasn’t expecting to see something like this which, now I realize might happen more often than I was aware.

I was just curious as to why they would go back…

this has to be the coolest site. Being in Moncton New Brunswick, a lot of flights to europe fly right over my head. It’s fun to see where they come from and where they are going…


The usual reasons for a diversion are medical emergencies and mechanical problems. Given the short turn around time planned on the ground, I’d guess this is a medical diversion.


Today the biggest problem was weather with storms into Atlanta,i know there were at least 20 diverts into KHSV,mostly cross country flights who were critical on fuel and couldnt circle for an hour and half waiting on Atlanta to clear up and they are still having problems they are so far behind now.