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help with tracking a specific flight, that had diversion

Hi all and welcome
i’m trying to figure out what happened with united flight 118 (FRA-EWR) on Dec 10
apparently it diverted to CYQX reason unknown
However i also see that it was diverted to CYYR as well…!?
so i’m kind of puzzled, was it Gooose Bay or Gander Int’l if anyone can help me figure it out
ill appreciate it.


Keep an eye on Avherald.com and just try good old google. Unless someone where has some knowledge of it, that’s your best bet to find out what the reason was.

UAL118 from Frankfurt was originally to go into Gander for a fuel stop but due to bad weather at Gander it diverted to Goose Bay for fuel. UAL69 also paid us a visit that day.

Pine Marten

Thanks a lot for the information!
Why would it need to refuel? This is a regular scheduled flight that never has a stop?