Disabled and searching for things of interest

I love this site. Lord I spent hours last night on a radar site, where I could watch the arrivals and departures from New York and Boston. I was in Heaven-

Any thing aviation floats my boat. I was once terrified to fly…The online ch #9 saved me of my fear----

OK I am Disabled and have a chronic illness… I there any sites with Cams-Pictures- Flight simulator–Whatever… Anything to help pass the time-

Thanks for the help in advance…

And thanks to whomever posted the live air traffic control too—

It makes being disabled not that bad…


O. D.

Try these for live cams:

thank you.that promises to be very educational and hours of fun.

O. D.,

You could kill a couple hours on my site especially if you live/lived in the SW USA. Look at the Trips and Videos sections and drill down from there.

Frank Holbert

cough SHAMELESS PLUG!! cough


Actually, I have been to Frank’s site and it is pretty cool, and you can waste A LOT (although I wouldn’t really call it wasting) time there.

Not sure how many others do this, now that I don’t work at a desk I don’t get the chance as much, pull up liveatc.net and pick whichever airport you like and then watch the action on Flightaware at that airport. Just about as cool as having TRACON right in your living room!!

Also Youtube has many good videos by pilots and non pilots.

Again thank you.

Everyday I wake up and daydream of flying. Not that I would be well up there… But the fact is when you get up over the clouds high enough, it is always a sunny bright day or a starlit night…

Just perfect… Thanks folks!!

when you get these sites typed in, make sure you save them to you favorites. i have at least a hundred sites save so i dont have to type them in every stinking time. good luck!!!

Nice advice advice. And done…Thank you very much.

I had Breakfast with Frank this morning in Cali—Nice ride–You folks are kind, Thank you much !!!

If you’d like to pass large amounts of time and would like some detailed accounts of some VFR and IFR flights in GA singles, you can visit My Flight Log site. There’s enough text in some of those flight reviews (particularly the recent ones) to sink a ship, or at the very least, put the whole crew to sleep while the ship drifts hopelessly off course, and quite possibly into an iceberg.

I added a Moving Map page today which gives a birds eye view of the arrival on two of the flights (thanks to Passur’s airport monitor product) with some audio commentary as to what was going on at the time.

You can spend DAYS watching Passur Airport Monitor. Pick a busy airport, pick a day in the past (a few hours or few days beforehand is fine) and enjoy the stream. You can click on any plane, see the callsign, origin, destination, altitude and aircraft type. You can zoom in/out and even use 2x, 5x, or 10x time compression to really understand the traffic flows.

I hope you enjoy some of that material.

With great thanks…Thanks coma24!!

I guess I can join the fray for shameless video plugs.

- YouTube will have you endure my flying adventures that include approaches, ATC communications, IMC, landings, takeoffs, interior makeover of my plane, stalls and falls, watching a glory from my plane during a Grace (AKA Angel) flight, watching a sunset from 2000 feet, commercial flights, overflight of snow in Mississippi, preflighting my plane, video of a dog as my passenger and just “plane having fun” :smiley:

I do not mind-----And in the shape I am in I DO NOT CONSIDER any of you folks help shameless plugs----Darn its all great stuff and when you can not move and join in… Hey watching something of such superior expertise is pretty darn good…

I am very thankful for all the additions and pretty humbled as well.

thanks. I sincerely mean that.