I found a great live webcam. I haven’t seen the second camera yet but the 1st one is GREAT for real time. I downloaded realplayer for free so I could watch it. If anyone else know’s of any other live webcams like this feel free to post them. But like I said the feed on this one is GREAT that is when its not full of other people.


Why don’t they take shots of the active [runway]? I saw it before but couldn’t get it to work. I’ve seen lots of links for live airport web cams.


I feel the same way or at least have a wider shot like the gates and the runway in the back ground I got it to work and it was really cool I so a United 737 get puched back and it’s on it’s way to Chicago as we type.


I posted this cam for KORD in a different topic:


But this camera doesn’t show the airport. I like seeing the terminals jetways and runways but have yet to find them ONLY PHL. So hopefully there will be more soon or others will post them.


This is a great topic. I too would be interested in more streaming links. I love the site for audio and heard some hilarious transmissions out of a few of those links. For example, one pilot in the early dawn hours told the tower he had to get his coffee ready before taking off and another belched and couldn’t finish his transmission to the tower. Another pilot drank his coffee BEFORE the tower did because the tower told him to depart 35R and pilot said 35R? Tower answerd, “Yes, 35R.” Pilot said, “Roger, depart 35R, but see approach on 35R!!” Tower answers “Oh, sorry, that’s depart 35L.” OOPS.

Anyway, I too was wondering about more good video links to cure the enthusiast cravings.


Lots of airport cams! (some may require ActiveX control be downloaded, which only takes a second). … webcam.htm


now do these have fast streaming???


Some do, some don’t. Some are frequently updated photos and others are streaming. Enjoy.