Director/Actor Kevin Smith Bumped Off SWA Flight … tml?hpt=C1

Sounds like the fool is milking this for as much as he can get. I looked at his credits. To call him a comedian is the same thing as calling Obama ultra-conservative!

He’ll trash Southwest in every movie he makes for the rest of his career.

:open_mouth: Ooooo…another TMZ tabloid ruckus…


Yeah, your last movie was much better than anything he’s ever done Dave. :unamused:

So what you are saying - correct me if I’m wrong - I can’t judge a movie as good, bad, or indifferent until I actually make a movie? Come on, dude! Get off your high-DMR-always-wrong-horse and give me a break.

David, if this were JetBlue, would you give a ratsarse? You silly little Southwest shill, you. :smiling_imp:

Believe it or not, I would say the same thing if it was JetBlue, Virgin Blue, Virgin America, American, United, British, or any other airline.

All BS aside, the dude is a bit portly, but if he can buckle up and isn’t flowing over into the seats next to him, I don’t see what the beef was (no pun intended). Southwest, whats next, no ugly people?

Come on Dave…and you wouldnt?

Apparently he’s good enough to make a pretty good living.

Different strokes for different folks. I think singers and groups like Madonna, KISS, and U2 make lots of money but I think they all suck.

In answer to your other question: I would expect some compensation from the airline if they were wrong but I wouldn’t go spreading it all over the world. Then, again, maybe that’s why I’m not a celebrity - I would hate all that attention on me and the total lack of privacy from the media.

Now you’ve gone too far, this is an outrage! KISS DOES NOT SUCK!

He’s made a audio blog about this. I heard it on the radio, anyone have the link?

Okay! Okay! I was wrong, KISS doesn’t suck - they blow! :slight_smile:

Your right Dave…thats why the three performer/s you mentioned have performed to sold out concerts. Thats pretty bad…wait was that a contradiction in terms? Go ahead Dave say it…or do you want me to say it for you? “Beech…you’re a Fargin Icehole”… :laughing: :laughing:

Anyway, back to the original topic…and more on the subject; … 63886.html

“The Dude does NOT abide”

U2 has one of the best guitar players in the known world

Madonna was that dirty little sl*t everyone wanted in the 80’s

and KISS just wants to rock and roll all night, and party everyday.

Dave- Yo-yo Ma is nice but can you grove to it! Whats your address I’ll send you an iTunes card so you can explore some rather mind-blowing music.