WELL WELL WELL. Wiggle out of this one Richard


Man crawls off plane: Baraka Kanaan, a former philosophy professor who suffers from partial paralysis of his legs after a car accident in 2000, is suing Delta Airlines for making him have to crawl off a plane, says an Aug. 1 report .Kanaan had to crawl down the aisle and down the steps. To make matters worse, he had to repeat this process on the return trip. The Hawaiian citizen said that the incident has caused him great physical and emotional suffering.

According to Daily Mail, once he returned home, Mr. Kanaan says Delta offered him 25,000 ‘sky miles’ and a $100 voucher, which Kanaan refused.

Come one Delta really ? 25K miles and a $100 voucher for humiliating a paying passenger. WOW. Delta doesn’t mind putting out propaganda on how nice Richard Anderson was for giving up his seat for some women. Not saying to much about this are they ? What’s next . Check him as cargo ? At least they have a conveyor belt for the poor soul if they put him there. Shame on you Delta. And as for you Richard if you have a heart which is in serious doubt you should fly this guy anywhere he wants to go for free. $100 voucher and 25K in miles. What if he isn’t even a part of you frequent flier program ? Oh yeah. If he isn’t they can sign him up and spam him to death with Delta ads 25K in miles may get you a free trip . Oh but wait . This guy lives in Hawaii and I am sure blackout dates apply most of the year there. Maybe there new slogan should be DELTA : The Heartless Airline. You buy a ticket . We treat you like dirt. So welcome aboard .


Posted is Squawks earlier this week. There is some question as to the authenticity of the claim.


Citizen of Hawaii, or is it Maui? Doesn’t that make him American? How parochial do you want to be?
Resident (not citizen of) the left coast of the same country as Maui.


I know you constantly post anti-Delta propaganda Lap, but here is a few things:

  1. This “victim” waited over a year to make his claim.
  2. Why did no other fellow passengers try to give him a hand if it was so horrible?
  3. Airlines keep a special wheel chair in the aircraft (including DAL) specifically designed to fit up and down the aisles just for these situations.

Just some things to think about is all. Whether the “victim” is telling the truth or not, I guess we will see. My guess is that he is hoping for a quick settlement before everyone finds out the claim is bogus.