Goodbye Comair


As predicted here by myself and after taking some serious heat from some people on here Delta today finally put the nail in Comair’s coffin. That lying low life SOB Richard Anderson has that airline in his crosshairs ever sinse Delta made the mistake of hiring that clown. Well Richard you got what you wanted. I hope you can sleep at night now knowing that you just screwd a over a thousand people out of there lively hood. I can only hope the same happens to you one day and that your golden parachute fails.


Will anyone be brought over to mainline Delta?


Pinnacle might be next, they are shutting down their Colgan Air flying on the 5th or 9th of September (who I work for at a MTX base and we’re counting down the days here) They will be left with just CRJ-200’s, even though they wanted to come out of their Ch. 11 restructured with 145 or so CRJ-200’s, but that’s obviously not happening because Deltas preliminary reduction to 125 of them… I wonder what will happen, not that I really care anymore anyway. :unamused:


Pinnacle is not left with just CRJ-200’s. They are getting all the former Mesaba CRJ-900’s in addition to the CRJ-900’s they already operate. They may also end up with some of the Comair CRJ-900’s and/or 700’s as part of a new CPA with Delta on exit of bankruptcy.


Flyboy There was a little snippet saying Delta would consider the Comair people first if they have openings but that is just more of there propaganda. They wanted to destroy them and they did. Now that they don’t own any more Regionals good old Richard Anderson can now concentrate on messing Delta up even more then it already is.Unless he plans on dumping more money into Pinnacle . Why he would save them and blow Comair up is anyones guess. He has already managed to alienate most of the old NWA people, They hate him with a passion . So we will see where that dope takes them. I also read a statement from the pld CEO of Comair who now works for Delta saying how bad he feels about Comair. Hell he had a hand in it. So John stop with your lying nonsense. Those people got you your cushy little job in coperate and you turned your back on them. Several times. So he has blood on jos hands as well.