Have you ever sat next to a clebrity


Has anyone ever sat next to or flown with a celebrity I know this has already been discussed! But, its my 1st post!!! :smiley:


David Carr, Joey Porter, Brock Marion.


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Sorry, Ive heard of them before but Who are they?


It would be appreciated if you added to the previous thead rather than starting a new one. Especially when you are asking exactly the same question and don’t have any new information of your own.


Not much of a football fan, are you ipod? :wink:

I flew on a flight with “Big Daddy” Carl Hairston (Browns player in the mid '80s). I didn’t fly with James Earl Jones, but I saw him in PIT once at the gate across from me!
Yeah, I know, you should feel so lucky to be typing in the same forum as a jet-setting celebrity such as myself… 8)


Among the more memorable, Col. Sanders who regaled us with tales of chicken, Fred Rogers who told us tales of making TV shows when no one wanted them, The Bangles who performed a capella in the aisle, Steven Seagal (and entourage!) who amused me immensely simply by being themselves, and Carl Sagan, who made for one of the most enjoyable 5 hours I’ve ever spent cooped up in an aluminum cylinder. Oh, and a very taciturn Phil Ochs, more years ago than I care to remember.

Ran into many more over the years in the various air clubs I belonged to, including Princess Anne at the BA Club in Heathrow. But, she got on the Concorde, far too rich for my pocket.




I guess technically I can add Browns OL Kevin Shaffer, Green Bay FS Todd Franz, Rams QB Gus Ferrotte, former Dallas Cowboy TE Fallon Wacasey, Alabama Off-coord Dave Rader, Austin Wranglers (AFL) QB John Fitzgerald, Grand Rapids (AFL) OL/DL Tim Martin, Eagles DL Sam Rayburn…if anyone is sensing a pattern, I went to the Univeristy of Tulsa and traveled with the team. Does this count???



Small world, younger daughter and SIL live right on the fairway of South Lakes at the end of the runway at KRVS.




Keith Richards and family on American Eagle.


I’ve taken a few flights with my wife…she is pretty special in my book.


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I have. Lots of them. They were on the back seat while i was on the driver seat. I did work as a limo driver in NYC in the 90’s. Some of them were cool. Others, jerks. But the coolest one i would have say, it was Mr Bobby Deniro. Always wanted to keep a low profile.


Been on the same flights as a few celebs.

First one was Bobby Orr from Bos to LGA. My dad had know him while he was playing for the Bruins, my dad was friends with the Adams family who owned the Bruins at the time. We talked to him in the airport for a while before the flight, he actually remembered me from when I was a kid. We were flying the Eastern Shuttle so it was unassigned seating, we were already seated when Bobby and his wife sat in front of us. He kept talking to us the whole flight. The while in LGA we saw the late author George Plympton.

About a year an a half ago from LAS to BOS Steven Wright was in last row of First Class and we sat in row right behind and across the aisle. The flight took place during the Red/Sox Yankees series and the game started while we were in the air. When the Sox scored it was funny to see his out of character reaction, he was clapping and smiling of course he was wearing his Red Sox hat.

Also been on the same flight with Tom Hamilton from Aerosmith and his family from DCA to BOS and Bill Russell from MCO to RDU. I have also flown between Gainesville Fla and both ATL and CLT with some NHRA Drag Racers and crew chiefs including John Force.


I was on the same flight with John Candy on a Pan Am flight from Frankfurt, Germany to to Washington, DC! He was hanging out around the galley area (of course) and had quite a crowd gathered around him.


My roomate in college once told a lady sitting next to him on a flight that he hated beanie babies (when asked what he thought of them). Turns out it was the woman who invented them. Apparently, she got that response often. Couldn’t resist.






Ted Kennedy on a flight from Boston to DC. He slept through most of the flight but gave autographs after landing.

Willard Scott on a fight from Charlotte to DC. Real nice guy. Acted just like any another coach class passenger. My wife and I were at the boarding gate and Willard was getting ready to eat a hot dog when boarding for our seats was announced. Willard asked my wife, very seriously, if she thought the flight crew would let him take his hot dog on board. He refused a free upgrade to first class!


DMX … FROM chicago to lax. he’s from chicago and he got off first… while he had gotten off … he transformed himself into DMX Hollywood … dark glasses and a long long leather coat and hat… with a chaffuer. getting on the plane he had on a t shirt and jeans… now that’s playing hollywood… nice guy… and somehow he distance himself from his assitant … who was like half way down the terminal afterwards… Hollywood does strange things to people … it’s all an act.


Did you talk to DMX? Or did he say anything on the plane