Now now Senator … e-airport/

:laughing: :laughing: What an ass. :unamused:

What have I been saying? They are kings and queens in Congress and therefore do not have to follow the rules us common peons must follow.

For the record I’ve never disagreed with you on that :laughing: :wink: 8)

It’s all just a silly, little misunderstanding. He says he simply “accidentally went through a wrong door at the gate leading to the United Airlines plane he was trying to board.” :wink:


“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others!”

Animal Farm, right?

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Yes, yes it is from the book Animal Farm, which was also produced as an excellent stageplay.

Speaking of stageplay, how’s that local theater you work with making out?

Haven’t been doing to much lately with it. My girlfriend and I do the box office once per show.

Didn’t realize Animal Farm was done as a stage play. That should be interesting.

That’s funny! :laughing:

“Do you know who I am?”

If I worked at the airport I’d call him Senator Douchebag (not to be confused with President Douchebag) every time I see him. This is just one more sign we need to sweep D.C. clean and start over with a new group of representatives.

We almost had a well known local attorney get Cuisinarted by a Jetstream 31 one time in the same sort of scenario. Back then (about 10 years ago) there was just a small chain link fence at Bloomington IL. Well the aircraft was boarded paper work handed out, and the number 2 was spinning, which was the closest to the fence. He must have thought the door was on the starboard side and ran to get on, getting within feet of getting chopped up. He got off of any federal charges he may have faced.
Nowadays he is a still a local attorney and a city alderman here. He recently got into hot water for going into chambers and trying to change the judge’s schedule book because he wanted to postpone a case.
Somehow this dude has escaped Darwin thus far!
Obviously not all of them are like this, We used to have Dick Durbin fly out on us constantly, and thanks to his last minute one way tickets, always was a selectee. At first he was sorta a Dick Durbin about it, but after a while it was almost a joke, hey, this was a rule you helped write!! He understood why we had to do it. So just another case of a few bad apples, but stories like the guy from LA and my local hero are just enough to piss you off.

Unfortunately this isn’t going to happen. Enough people think their representative or senator is great and it’s the other ones that are bad while in truth it **is **their representative or senator is just as bad as the others.

I read this weekend on that the TSA will be looking into this…blind leading the blind :unamused:

I should have posted the link while I had it.

Maybe his diaper pin was giving him problems…