Detroit Red Wings DC-9 stuck in mud … enDocument … DbUkMLU%3D

Last night the Detroit Red Wings DC-9 missed a turn on a taxiway and is stuck in the mud. Opps!

The Little Caeser’s Gulfstream II also arrived at CPS this afternoon. I believe there some connection between the Red Wings ownership and LC’s. No departing flight plan yet, but maybe they came in to take some staff back to Detroit?

Ex Eastern Airlines, TWA, DC-9-51 N682RW;

and Little Ceaser’s Gulfstream II;

“One of your pilots tried to take a short cut across the field, and he didn’t make it.”

So Detroit got their wings clipped twice. Once trying to get home, and of course, the other time by my beloved Blues!!!
While we’re mixing hockey and aviation, When I worked for the airlines Great Lakes was next door. A veteran Bruin and Blackhawk (Al Secord) would fly his Super Cub in for the week to come to work. He drove Beech 1900’s under the United Express banner for GLA. I hear he is with big American these days.

Regarding the Little Caesar’s and Detroit Red Wings connection.

Mike Ilitch founded the Little Casesar’s Corporation and he also owns the Detroit Red Wings and the Detroit Tigers.

Thanks for the clarification. I saw the G-II takeoff from CPS after last years World Series and that thing was LOUD!! … enDocument

According to the Post-Dispatch, he did come to down to look at the jet and returned to Detroit a few hours later, while the team took a flight from Lambert. The DC-9 is still at CPS awaiting inspection.

I work at CPS and I know how easy it is in a big a/c to miss that turn. The pilot did try to drive it out untill the rt main got too deep. he almost got the runway sign. the wing was just about a foot above it when he stopped.