Dept of Justice


I thought the DOJ fleet had been blocked. Did they recently un-block, or is this a flaw of some sort? … /KSAN/KELP

I remember trying to track the plain white Mad Dog a couple years ago, but they were blocked. They’re basically running illegal immigrants back to the border.


Taking them back where they came from! just started to see RPN last couple days, have seen the plain white mad dog in and out of here, back in 2008 I know for sure Miami Air then Ryan were flying this trip almost daily for ICE.


I live near BFL and noticed that as well. We have an almost-daily (4-5x per week) DOJ/JPATS MD-80 that departs right over my house en route to SAN. However, I heard it last night but didnt see it on FlightAware.


Looks like they are blocked again. I try to look up the flights without using the perma-link and it actually comes up as invalid.

I already knew it was an immigration thing anyways… for years, that white MD80 would come in at night, park over on the FBO ramp, then surrounded by dudes with large guns as a couple buses pull up and people get off. The crew would leave all the icing lights on to light up the place while loading, the MD80 has a bunch of those lights lol…