Delta Commercial

sorry folks, i was watching tv and saw the new Delta Commercial, where they turn off the lights on history after giving a perfunctory wave. It botherd me so much i sent a note to Delta (after answering many questions before getting where i needed to). I do not know where they get these guys for advertising. Obviously not in love with all things aviation.

I saw you new commercial where you closed the lights on history. You should have said “we see so far because we stand on the shoulders of giants” and then could have moved on the the future. I don’t know were you get these advertising folks.

I just saw it again and it does bug me. Thanks for listening. The original quote i believe was stated by Salisbury, adapted by Newton

Advertising: from the Latin “bullisshitus” meaning “ain’t got nothing to do with the truth”.

Well when you have a leader who has his head so far up his *** what would you expect. The man in charge of Delta is an offense to that airline. So it doesn’t shock me that he would allow an offensive commercial on . Just have to consider the source.