Airline logos


I don’t know if this is in the right category, but you can move it if it’s not. A few of the airline logos are outdated. The Delta Air Lines logo has not been changed to the current logo and it is the same with Northwest Airlines.


Don’t know about NWA but I know the current DAL logo sucks. I like the older one better and think it should stay on the site.


I like the current DAL logo and the new livery. I think that this site should be updated with new logos (especially considering the logo was changed in April). It was changed 7 months ago. It should be changed on this site.


I don’t think any serious media outlet (Let it be newsprint, TV or Internet) has a reason stick with an old logo of some college or pro sports team that has unveiled a new one. The same goes for an airline. Media’s responsibility is to accurately reflect reality, and the logo change is a choice of the team (or airline). Opinions may vary on logo’s appearance, but the media has to stick with the latest official logo release of the team/airline.


No they don’t.


Shooting from the hip again I see…

Please re-read snowbird57 post as Snowbird did say “Media’s responsibility is to accurately reflect reality”

If they don’t have the latest logo, then they are not accurately reflecting reality.



No they don’t. (I’m being sarcastic!)
I don’t consider FlightAware to be media. If they want to show the older logo, that’s fine with me. Hell, I don’t care if they use the logo from the 1950’s.


Well pray tell, where is the credibility if they don’t?



I think that the media in general lost its credibility long ago… :unamused:


I agree. Legally speaking.

But of they want to be seen as a “News NOW” as it is the trend in current media, they can’t really afford it. Can you imagine ESPN using the older logo of some pro team just because the program manager preferred the old one?


Agree, and outdated pictures unfortunately is not the cause of loss of credibility. :cry:

But why add to it would be my position with KNOWN incorrect images in todays graphically inclined environment :smiley:



See…you caught me thread drifting didn’t ya… :wink:


and I took it hook, line and sinker :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow - talk about picking nits! Does FlightAware even NEED to provide airline logos? I don’t think so. The fact that they DO provide logos is just icing on the cake… so what if some of them are a little outdated.


I don’t really think they need to provide the logos. Like pictures of planes, if a person wants to see the logo then go to or or even the operator’s own web page.


Stale icing doesn’t bode well? :smiley:


Well, remember FlightAware’s gurantee for all registered free users…
your money will be cheerfully refunded if not fully satisfied! :wink:


Ahh, but FA don’t have to live “down” to free standards :bulb:

Current information is the way to go, this way there is no doubt on credibility. Credibility is the emphasis.

Old information portrayed as current reduces the credibility, so why not do it like Flight Aware is doing it and that is correctly displaying the most latest and current information?

Free is good, but free and accurate is just that “fresh” icing on the cake! :smiley:



Thanks for the heads up, we’ll update the logos soon.


Where are these logos located. :question: