Airline Advertising


I noticed that United is spending alot of money on commercials during the Olympics. My question is:
Does advertising make you want to fly a particular airline? Or, is it price driven only?
I was thinking that maybe United could save a little money and not advertise and maybe not charge for an extra bag…
I know when I fly commercial, it’s schedule and price only. I don’t really care what airline it is.


For many economy travelers, it is price driven. However, many frequent travelers (ie. business travelers), and guys that fly in first do have allegiance to a carrier. It could be because of where a person lives (and the airlines presense in that city) or because of an airlines perks (economy plus, fleet age, first class perks).

I will say their commericals are doing a great job of keeping people glued to the t.v. I know when I saw them, I thought, “what is this for.” They don’t really reveal what they are advertising until the end of the commerical.


For some people they fly by the type of aircraft or the most popular airline. Usually these are the airlines that like to brag.

For me its usually price or Caribbean Airlines. Mostly Caribbean.


One reason that United may be advertising so heavily in these olympics is do to their presense in trans-pacific operations, and may be showing there biz class off for future passengers going across the pacific to countries like China.


Actually, they are quite easy to pick out without even watching. Any time you hear some rendition of Rhapsody in Blue, it’s a United ad, Which is usually my green light to step away to another room or something…


I think UA’s Rhapsody in Blue commercials are terrific. It does make me think about flying again, and on UA. One of the few things UA does right.

WN’s “You’re now free to fly around the country” commercials are great, too.

Of course, I enjoy seeing E*Trade’s little kid throwing up as he clicks and buys a stock! Not sure that the commercial is doing all that much for its bottom line.


I used to like Rhapsody in Blue…when I played it 20 years ago in the high school band…And when United first started that campaign. Now I’m sick of it. They need to change the song or come up with their own or something…

I do like the WN ads… Want to get away?..classics.
I miss Western tho… Anyone remember THIS one??
The city pairs on the tail changed constantly :slight_smile:


True, but for the average person that doesn’t pay attention to airlines and their adds, it would be harder.


“Nobody serves our Republic like Republic” I miss the ol’ duck. I remember watching my Dad out on the ramp offloading 9’s, and the occasional 727 @ IAD. Once Republic merged with Northwest Orient, all the heavy metal went away, the 747 to NRT, the 10’s to the west coast.

Oh well, long live the duck!! :smiley:


Darn, my work computer has that blocked out QuickBurn…I will have to check it out when I get home.


Just think how much money each airline is actually spending on advertisement. Why, whenever I watch a baseball game, there is an ad for an airline on those green screens behind the batter. I know Cincinnati, Boston, and Atlanta have Delta, Houston has Continental, Milwaukee have Midwest, and Colorado has Frontier. I can’t think of any others right now but it seems Airliners are still advertising outside of the mainstream advertising such as TV, newspapers, and magazines. I’m trying to remember if they advertise in Aviation Week. They’re are not even putting up posters with destinations on them (all of ours are currently wall decorations for offices).


True, but many have opted for that versus what many used of have (like naming rights of stadiums). Continental, Delta, and TWA had naming rights on a stadium