Delivery Flights

Is it possible to track Boeing delviery flights?

If it is at the moment i am looking for any Ryanair 737-800 delivery flight, as i am curious to which route they take.


I don’t know whether Boeing does Ryanair’s delivery flights or if Ryanair sends a crew. The best thing is to check KBFI and see if either a BOE or a CYR flight heading that way shows up. BOE is a Boeing flight number, CYR is Ryanair.

John in Saudi

check Ryanair = RYR.

A chap with the tag RobK use to drop into these forums and is/was a good source of Boeing delivery info: IIRC I think the blog he was involved with for news folded due a dispute over info??
Anyone got an updated link to that stuff if still active (Seattle deliveries or similar)?


The seattle deliveries blog was shut down due to a dispute between the blogger and spotters.

That makes me laugh! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

A financial dispute AIUI - they wanted payment for the photos. Sigh.

Here’s an alternative blog, but not as thorough:

The actual reason why it ‘disappeared’ was because of a threat of legal action Boeing made in a letter to my site host earlier this year. Although there was nothing of a proprietary nature in my blog, no amount of reassuring my host of this made any difference and the site was taken offline. I could have moved elsewhere and continued but as this wasn’t the first time that Boeing had made ‘noise’ about my site I decided I’d had enough of the hassle and that was the end of it.

One of the BFI spotters now does a good job of tracking the new 737s (with ID help from me :wink: ) and the page can be found here.

In answer to the original question, Ryanair show up on the trackers as RYR800x where x is the last letter of the reg. They all route BFI direct DUB unless the weather is really shitty where they’ll stop at KEF enroute.

RobK Lives! Thanks for the update. Drewski does a good job. Y’all should check out his flickr linked on that blog too.

Yes, thanks Rob for the real “skinny”. I really shouldn’t pay any attention to what gets posted on (you-know-what-money-grabbing-photo site I mean). :wink:

Jeez, those Boeing lawyers. :imp:

If it’s not too intrusive Rob, what was the premise that the Boeing attorneys pursued in stating you were disseminating proprietary information?

The are lawyers. They don’t know any decent, good, or even half good reason why. They need to prove that they can beat up on people who are not doing anything illegal, immoral, etc. They think because if something has XYZ’s company name on it then they can intimidate anybody who uses that name, even if it’s being used in an acceptable manner.

Yea, I don’t like lawyers. They are ruining this country.

It also wouldn’t pay to fight them financially, they would grind you into dust.

That’s what they hope happens. Lawyers know that Mr. Joe Six Pack only makes, say, $50,000 a year. The bottom feeders know that Joe isn’t going to pay $10,000 for a lawyer to represent him against the company for what is basically a non-money making hobby.