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:frowning: Anyone know what happened to the excellent Seattle deliveries blog? All the posts have gone and I’m getting a 404 error from the main www. site. Just wondered if I’ve missed something as I haven’t been online for a while. :confused:


Try again Now- an info page is up saying they are “Taking a break”.

Note: call me clueless, but is that Robk’s site?


Ok, Clueless, I’m quite sure it is, yes.
I beleive he’s mentioned it before, but I don’t feel like SEARCHING! :smiling_imp:


I didn’t feel like searching either, that is why I said I was CLUELESS!


Well I did search, it does seem to be his, but I didn’t find anyplace where he specifically calls it “his”.
He does, though, run another site:


RobK mentioned on that the Seattle Deliveries blog is his site, and that he’s not updating it anymore due to some dispute with the Seattle area photographer(s).


Yeah, ish. :smiley:

The actual story is that the main PAE photog for the past couple of years who’s been happily letting me use his pics with full permission suddenly had a change of face. With no explanation as to why this came about and as it had been perfectly fine by him for the past however-long I continued to use his pics with due credit to him and his site just as I’d always done. Next thing, the dummy’s out of the pram, I’ve got an email threatening a law suit and quickly found myself branded a “copyright violator” by him all over his site and also learnt that he’d been mouthing off about me to all the reg PAE photogs with his one-sided tale of woe which quickly resulted in them all joining forces and a barrage of flak suddenly appeared my way from a Westerly direction. :open_mouth:

The above then rapidly turned into a conspiracy theory that Boeing had “shut me down” and I’d lost my sources of info supply and that I was using the arsey photog as an excuse. :open_mouth: Then the topic went completely er, well, off-topic and some individuals starting threatening to “lay out” others when they next saw them at PAE and after that I just got completely pissed off with it all and changed both the blog and main site to admin viewing only and that’s the state they’re still in now.

I’m taking some time out from it at the moment as I have some other projects on the go, but I shall be back to it in the next few weeks (although pics will be a bit on the thin side from PAE :frowning: ). 8) It’ll be more than a delight to remove the “Boeing has shut him down” smirks off their faces. :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: 8)

Rob :wink:


Now that sucks. Did you at least have a chance to clear your name with some of the other photogs? Hope so.

Oh, and here are the emoticons you mised…lol

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How about continuing the site without the pictures? The pictures were okay but my preference would be for just a listing of deliveries.


I could do but it would be rather boring don’t you think? If you’re making a list of stuff that’s happened then you may as well accompany it with pics where possible.

I’m actually getting more requests to do one for Airbus’s XFW and TLS at the moment and as I have better access to that info via the Eurocontrol flight plan system then I’m thinking of focuses my Airbus instead. :confused:


Actually, no, it wouldn’t be boring. While the pictures are nice, what I am really interested in is the new deliveries data such as who its going to, msn/line numbers, first flight, etc. I can always locate the pictures elsewhere; the data you provide is not always easy to find.


Agreed, they usually turn up on that (nameless) photo site pretty quickly.

The BOExxx tie-ups are very useful fa-wise.


I figured I would add my agreement to the others - no, it wouldn’t be boring. I thought it was pretty cool to see all that Boeing activity, and I hadn’t found it elsewhere (the pictures were great to have, but not the only reason to check out the site)…of course seeing the Airbus activity would be pretty cool too.


Thanks for the explanation Rob :slight_smile:

I’ve just read your latest comments on your blog about being back in business in the next few days which is excellent news, however, doing some google searching earlier I came across THIS and THIS which you’ve managed to keep very quiet! :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing: :laughing:

Can’t wait for you to get your blog back in action and I’d happy contribute some Euros if that’s what it takes to keep it going!




I would agree with the general consensus that RobK is doing a fantastic job in informing us (and the world) about new aircraft deliveries. It looks like a huge effort and must be extremely time-consuming.

As RobK says elsewhere, he is not employed by Boeing or by Airbus. Now if I put the kind of time in on my hobby that it appears RobK puts in on this, my family would kill me. I can’t help but wonder what kind of job RobK has that gives him the time to inform us so extensively about various aviation things (deliveries, selcals, etc.).

Yes, I am being nosy, but I’m curious.

  1. Well, wanted to get it all up and running first before making any announcements!

Can’t wait for you to get your blog back in action and I’d happy contribute some Euros if that’s what it takes to keep it going!

:open_mouth: Very kind of you to offer, thanks! I’ve no intentions of making the main site or the blog a pay site though; however if you wish to make some contributions to the beer fund then I’m sure I could supply a Paypal email address to send your money to! :laughing: 8)





Toby, I have my fingers in many pies… :wink: :wink:


One question I’d like to ask…

The 747-LCF operating recently had been using the flight number BOE632. This number has been showing up as a 777 the last few days, and I was wondering what the new LCF flight number is. The one now operating is N780BA, the second aircraft made. The first, N747BC, I believe, is in Taiwan being painted, and has been using BOE876.

You get no results on FlightAware by entering the tail number of the aircraft.

Thanks for any info you might be able to provide. I live in Charleston, SC, and have been trying to track trips into KCHS.



Walt, this question has already been asked and answered by me elsewhere. Please take a look at my reply 3 down in this thread.



RareBear…random question.

You a fan of #77?