Delivery flight that I was lucky enough to be a part of. … /KBFI/KHOU

Very cool…don’t tell americanairdude, he is sensitive to the B737-800. :wink:

Did it have that “New Plane Smell”? :smiley:


Pictures? Video?

Pictures coming very soon. And yes, it had the new airplane smell, which was pretty awesome. And oh yeah, there were 4 of us on the aircraft, yet Boeing catered it for about 400 :wink:

That’s only impressive if the catering was edible! :laughing:

Or liquid.

Did y’all do a flyby? :laughing:

You suck! Did you guys do some aileron rolls?

Haha…no aileron rolls or flybys…Boeing sees that shit everyday. But we did fly around Mt. Rainier at about 15,000ft, 800ft off the glacier. I’ll show you the pics soon. Also, the food was awesome. In fact, we were in the cockpit eating cheesecake at FL410 :slight_smile:

I’ve been EXTREMELY fortunate and have taken delivery of 2 new aircraft. It is an incredible feeling to get into an aircraft and see only 4 or 5 hours on the Hobbs meter. Congrats on a once in a lifetime (for most) experience.

I’ve done that! I’ve always wondered how they always seem to get the staple right in her navel.

What? Oh, Eating cheesecake. I thought he said reading.

Never mind.


Just curious…why would a Continental delivery flight go to KHOU instead of KIAH…??? Thanks much…


I think Continental actually has a maintenence base there. Probably making the final preps there before putting the plane in revenue service.

As stated above, there is a maintenance base there where they will install stuff like the before takeoff check system, the Continental cockpit door, and other small things. There was another delivery that day that went to Orlando for the same stuff plus the installation of the winglets.

I was not aware of that fact…wonder how that ever came about with KIAH just around the corner. Thanks for the info…


Because kIAH didn’t even exist* until 1969![/quote]