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Default webpage not loading anymore

Restarted my piaware and noticed that going to ipaddress:8080 was not loading.

After reading some threads I saw someone post to add /dump1090-fa/ to the end of the address.

That works.

What has changed so that the default webpage does not load anymore?

Nothing has changed on the piaware/dump1090 side.

Is this an unmodified piaware sdcard image, or something else?
What is the error that you see? What are the specific URLs you tried?

best guess is that your IP has changed.

Go to your Stats Page

Click here

You are on the same network aren’t you?
You’re not trying to log in on your phone or similar?

Here is a link on youtube showing what I am talking about.

That is quite strange; I would not expect the :8080/dump1090-fa/ URL to work at all.
(edit: Huh, apparently it does. That’s an interesting quirk I didn’t know about)

Is this an unmodified piaware sdcard image, or something else?

Try clearing your browser cache and trying again.

lighttpd is so broken :scream: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I guess it kinda makes sense for the 8080 listener to inherit the main config, and then we’re just adding new aliases to it. I wonder if alias.url = ( only the stuff you want ) works.

(I’m not particularly attached to lighttpd, it is not great, but conversely I don’t really want to dump a whole apache install in there either)

Been working with nginx and it works flawlessly.
But integrating webservers or webserver configuration into a package is a nightmare …

And lighttpd makes that possible somewhat easily (even though it’s a bit broken).