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PiAware SkyAware Local Web Page

The local web page from ip:8080 has lost the map and formatting no changes were made). I get the same results with the three browsers I’ve tried. I reinstalled PiAware, etc. without success. I did not see any errors in the logs.

Check the dev console:

How to Open the Developer Console – Support

Make a screenshot.

That’s not the console tab, click the console tab.

Here is the top part.

But you want to know why it stopped loading.
Most of the time the clues are at the end of the log (errors).

Here is the end.

Yeah no clue … maybe the guys actually working on this interface can help you (the info from the screenshot is certainly a good start).

You could purge dump1090-fa and reinstall that (also reconfigure).
I suppose that’s worth a try. (if that helps though … would indicate a broken sd-card most likely)

FR24 and PF are working correctly so I doubt if it is the sd card.
I’ve done apt reinstall on both dump1090-fa and piaware, but I didn’t purge.
I’m traveling to get a covid-19 vaccination this afternoon. Hooray!
I’ll try the purge tonight. Thanks!

If I was to hazard a guess I’d say a broken/damaged CSS file.

These files are owned by the dump1090-fa package so yeah, try a reinstall of that.

The apt purge did the trick where reinstall did not. At this point all is nominal.

Thanks everyone.

Unless you messed with the files that points to sd-card corruption.
So be ready for more issues.

I suppose you could check if you already see failures in dmesg.

Actually I’ve never done anything with that setup other than a crontab entry to update & upgrade periodically. The sd card is relatively new high end San disk 64GB Extreme Pro card. I’ve standardized on that card with a large purchase.