Data Usage For Piaware And Dump1090


Is there a program or something that you can track how much data is being use running Piaware and Dump1090? I am using a lot of data at my house and I’m trying to see that much data is being used for Piaware. Thanks for the help…


Depend on many planes you’re radar see, but at least 5 to 20mb monthly


“darkstat” is one program packaged with raspbian that will do bandwidth monitoring.

5-20MB/month is far, far too low for anything but the quietest sites. Have you actually measured it or are you just guessing?

My old measurements had basic piaware at about 50MB/day (~1500MB/month) for a busy site. This will be lower now due to changes in piaware.

mlat is much more data intensive. It can be 5kB/s or more at busier sites, a few hundred MB/day. fa-mlat-client will log traffic rates to piaware.out periodically.


Thank Obj… I’ll have to look into that. Here is what my site is doing daily.


Wow amazing!


I’m doing some monitoring with collectd and the iptables plugin. The code for it was somewhere I’m the forum here.

My data usage over a 24h period seems to level out around 255 Mb Tx and 55 Mb Rx. MLAT is enabled and I’m seeing around 6000 aircraft/day