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About Internet data use


How much Internet data will the touchscreen reciver will use . I live in rural area.


Actual usage depends on the amount of air traffic around your location. However we have some general guidance here: https://flightaware.com/adsb/faq#bandwidth



I too have a site in a location that requires a cellular link, so I keep a close eye in the data used.
Typically the site sees 300 aircraft and reports 70k positions per day.

I ran MLAT for a month; as it only added from 0~4 aircraft a day, but more than tripled the data use, I disabled MLAT.
With MLAT enabled, the data used was around 60Mb/day.
The table below shows daily data rate as reported by my ISP.


(this site lost power yesterday and will probably be offline for the next two months)


Also in my experience MLAT more than doubles the data usage.
This is the explanation that I have received from David: