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Morning all,

On JP’s image, one of the system charts shows data usage, with the scale of “G”.

What does that scale show - kb / mb etc?

Reason is, Im toying with the idea of a remote station, with no network or wifi, so I’ll need to be looking at a 3g modem sim etc - want to get an idea of data usage required etc.


The only ones that have “G” for me are Disk usage and Memory Utilization - the headings are at the top of the graphs :question:


If no one is going to look at the unit locally, I would disable the incoming MLAT data, as it won’t be viewed and will increase your data usage.


A 2G cell connection should provide enough bandwidth for PiAware.

I am in a relatively busy area with a partial view of the sky, and in the 49 days my pi has currently been up, I’ve received 1.7 GiB (mostly from MLAT) and sent 2.2 GB. So about 2.4 GB/month. My station includes a FlightAware antenna and amplifier, and I report 3 million ADSB and 4 million MLAT positions per month.


@idh… Yup, was looking at the wrong chart! :frowning:

@n456ts… Interesting tip, I’ll look at that

I have a less-remote remote station to set up first, but have spotted a good location for this ‘wild n wooly’ one in the future…

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