How many MB is required for Flightaware?

My IT guy is saying that my Flightaware is draining the bandwidth.

We have a 10MB system and it’s running slow and they pinpointed the high usage to my flightaware.

How much should the flightaware be consuming??

Well, I had made calculations in the past, and my Flight Feeder was making some 2,5 GB of traffic to the Flight Aware servers per month.
You can have a look at my status page and see that I am transmitting a lot of planes/positions every day.

So your only 2.5 GB for the month and mine is pulling down the system on a daily basis.

Something sounds wrong with my FlightAware

If, by chance, you’re forwarding traffic to something else, using socat, or nc, then expect vastly more data consumed per month. If you’re just using a standard piaware setup, then it’s only a small amount of data usage. Just a couple GB per month. Average throughput is only a few KB/sec.

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Nope, just FlightAware

rosen85 is sending us about 400k plane messages/day
moone is sending us about 190k plane messages/day
The data usage scales with the number of messages decoded and sent to FlightAware. So you should be around 1GB/month with MLAT on. MLAT usually doubles the data usage.
The data rates are usually in the 4kbit/sec rate outgoing and no where near the 10mbit/sec that your connection should support.

FlightFeeders has a data usage status through the LCD interface. You can go to the System-> System Status menu and it should see the actual data usage since last reset and the current data rate.
The data rates are higher during the daytime and usually lower during the night due to the number of planes that are detected.


For those that are running piaware the information about interface usage is done either through vnstat (sudo apt-get install vnstat) OR through reading the interface status.

sudo ifconfig eth0

or through the statistics in the system folder

cat /sys/class/net/eth0/statistics/tx_bytes

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