What is the data usage like for a PiAware feeder?

I do not have any way to see how much data it uses, what are some estimates do you think?

It doesn’t use very much. My pi has an average of about 10 kb/s feeding Flightaware, Planefinder, FR24 and mlat-radar during the day when its busy - usually 160-200 aircraft in sight. At night it’s quite a lot less than that.

Thanks! I thought it would be much more

“iftop” is a nice simple linux utility to see the current network usage. It’s available through apt-get.

On my pi with mlat enabled, tracking about 45 planes with location data right now, iftop says it’s sending 8Kbps to FA and receiving 13Kbps from FA. That’d be 225MB/day–not really though since it’s a lot quieter at night. I don’t know of a good way to track total usage for 24 hours or a month.