Data not being fed to FlightAware

Hi all,

Small problem after a SD card failure…

Site 28595 was feeding for 485 days before the SD card failure, using JP’s images up to release 2.50, using site ip

After the failure I installed JP’s image 2.60 and thought there was a problem feeding to FA, but didn’t realise that there was now a new site 69479 in the drop down menu on my ADSB page that the data was being fed to.

Then installed FA’s 3.5.3 image that used ip I realised the site 69479 was in the drop down site menu and can confirm it was was receiving my data.

I really liked JP’s 2.60 image with the web portal feature and advanced logging (external HDD), so once again installed that image. All running ok my end on ip, can view the data on skyview, however nothing on FlightAware ADSB page.

Site 69479 is showing local ip of on my ADSB page which I assume is from the piaware SD card install and has not updated from my next JP’s 2.60 install.

Mac address is the same for both sites, unique identifier isn’t though, but I would expect that.

Is this a problem my end or can something be done by FlightAware?

Andrew Smith

Looking in piaware.log it shows data is being sent to another site, username not mine. This is weird!

regards, Andrew Smith

Hi all,

Mr. Google is your friend…

In piaware.conf I put my old site identifier for the site I had been feeding for ages, along with my username and password.
All good now.

Regards, Andrew