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Data Feed Problem

Last night I had a block of 7 hours for which might FA stats show no data feed. I have a similar issue with my feed to FR24 and PlaneFinder. However, the performance graphs for the feeder are all very normal and don’t suggest any performance issues. Similarly, I feed Planeplotter and the log for that seems fine.

Can anyone suggest what might be going on here?

Many thanks

I have had several times same problem unable to connect or drops after few minutes not always but maybe peak time in usa ?
many thanks

If your device is operational locally but no data is feeded, it can be your local network.

I had a similar issue with my previous Raspberry 4.
Worked all night locally, but at some point it stopped feeding to any site.

As i did not find the root cause, i created a cron job pinging my router (you can use an internet adress as well) every five minutes.
If unavailable it resetted the network or (if this did not help) rebooted the device.

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Can you please post the Cron script for this? Or an example.


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The easy way which simply reboots the device

Google can find a lot more, also with the network restart