Dallas Morning News on Love noise-making


This morning’s Dallas Morning News has an analysis of noise at Dallas Love Field during March. (Free subscription required: http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dws/bus/stories/050306dnbusnoise.2c41a23.html)

The top-line findings:


The 10 loudest planes that flew into Dallas Love Field in March were not the commercial jetliners flown by American and Southwest airlines. They were cargo planes, business jets and sports team charters, according to the city’s aviation department research obtained by The Dallas Morning News.

"General aviation and cargo flights, with older engines and far fewer noise restrictions, make up about two-thirds of Love’s total flights. That puts the noise debate and the tussle over the Wright amendment in a new light.
Wright amendment backers have made noise the central focus of their campaign, through television ads, direct mailings and door-to-door canvassing.

"Any changes to the 26-year-old law that restricts long-haul flights from Love would bring more planes and more noise to neighborhoods, they contend.

“We just don’t want Love Field to get any bigger and bring more large jets in there,” said Jay Pritchard, executive director of Stop-and-Think, funded by American Airlines Inc. to get residents to oppose changes to the Wright amendment.

“But pro-repeal forces say more commercial flights would actually make Love Field quieter by pushing out louder business jets and cargo planes an assertion backed by the airport’s staff. Theoretically, they say, the business jets would seek less congested airports so they wouldn’t have to compete with commercial schedules.”


At the risk of sounding extremely juvenile, the title to this post was really cracking me up for a minute.

On topic, this is a very interesting tidbit…it makes me wonder how pro-Wright lobbyists would counter this.


Yeah - I kind of mixed up a couple of words at first and thought it said something else too!
“Love-making noise” :wink:

I thought, “This is the wrong forum for this sort of thing!” Of course I HAD to read it!

Business jets are gonna go where business jets wanna go (unless of course they wanna go to DCA). The pilots are not going to DAL because they’re scared-off by the big boys! They’re going there because they can! It’s more centrally-located to the Dallas business district than DFW or any other airport in the area.

I think you’d have to see the same kind of traffic volume at DAL that you’d find at ORD or LGA before someone says, “How long does it take to drive a car downtown from ADS?”


Damn, I was ready to give my opinions on “Noisy Love-Making” too…Nice to see that I’m not the only warped mind in this forum, though!! :smiling_imp:


My property is under the LIN portion of the SFO, OAK, SJC departure pattern. The loudest planes seem to be the the Airbornes that take off from OAK during the 7 PM hour. They are louder than all other planes. or so it seems. So it didn’t suprise me that the sound study Love Field had the same result. That cargo planes (UPS, FDX, et al) are louder than AAL and SWA passenger planes.


Okay, I’ll bite. What is “LIN?”


Linden VOR :slight_smile:


Thanks. Living in the Bay Area, I searched my mind for a VOR that LIN might apply to and was applicable OAK, SFO, and SJC. I forgot about Linden.


Linden CA. The WARPS SMF arrival pattern (from SAN, LGB, LAX, ONT, BUR and SNA) also intersects at LIN. From complete information about LIN check out the WARPS arrival informaion under SMF airport or check out SFO, OAK and SJC departure information under the corresponding airport information.


FOR example JBU312 an Oakland to Dulles flight

Under route you will see the follow:


That’s the LIN I am referring to. Most but all eastbound flights from SFO, OAK and SJC will have LIN in their “routes”.


ABX 2001 just roared overhead in an DC86 (cargo plane) about 10 minutes ago, again much louder than commercial passenger.



That’s because OAK center routes you that way to keep you north of the arrivals from the east.


pass either over Modesto or Escalon.



for May 18th. UPS I guess listed theirs later.


Ask PCE if they would fly into DFW if full Wright Amendment restrictions are lifted? If they say yes, then the setlovefree people have won.


Here’s the link to the story.

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