Flurry of local Wright Amendment stories


Here’s the latest from the DFW CBS TV Station.

cbs11tv.com/topstories/local_sto … 93744.html


A quote from the article:

A Dallas official close to the negotiations says the mayors have agreed to seek a nine-year phase-out of restrictions on long-haul flights and allow immediate through-ticketing at Love Field.

This is _______ (rhymes with trucking) absurd. It shouldn’t be a nine years, nine months, or nine days phase in. It should be dropped immediately! This was a bad law drawn up by a bad politician when DFW opened.


Sadly, too many vested interests in Texas want to see that dinosaur live.
If full repeal happened and Southwest begins to kick AA’s butt, If I remember rights there still our more employees working for AA than LUV and more people working at DFW than DAL. I would love to see Southwest give me an Oakland to Love Field when the reply gets lived but how many pigs will fly before that happens first.


Kids, never drink and post on FlightAware. :mrgreen: