found this on the internet, it will be a cold day in Helena before DFW will “LUV” Southwest! Am I right?


Are you right about what?


Wow…I knew that was a pretty icy relationship, but…Wow. :open_mouth:

I DO believe that if WN decided to move their operations out of Love and into DFW tomorrow (not gonna happen), DFW would be lovin’ WN. If this keeps up, or escalates if the Wright Amendment is repealed, there could be an old-fashioned Texas duel on the horizon. I think it would be hilarious if Southwest abandoned Love Field, then funded their OWN airport in the direct vicinity (not that this could happen–it’d just be funny) of DFW just to piss them off. :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:


I think we’ll see senators from a half dozen states add ammendments to omnibus or similar bills in the next few years to exempt their states from wright.


See the opposing (and true) side of this:


How many have you successfully used Southwest from outside the Wright Amendment area to get to Love Field? For example, Used Southwest from Phoenix to fly to Hobby on one reservation then change planes and fly to Love on your second reservation. Did you like that experience and would you continue to do as long as Wright is in place?


how much traffic can Love take in and how many gates?


I’ve done it. KDAL to KLAX changing planes in either KELP or KABQ.

You’ve got to keep in mind that technically you’re on two separate flights without connections. Thus you have to reclaim any checked luggage from Baggage before checking in to the second leg. If your first leg is running late, you can have significant stress since you might be too late to check in and you can’t use the excuse of a late aircraft arrival.

When gasoline was much cheaper, it often paid to drive the family to KAUS and get a legitimate non-stop flight to California. There was quite a savings in fare out of KAUS compared to two fares when leaving from KDAL.


Southwest was of Nov 12th 2005 flys 112 daily departures out of 14 gates to 11 cities, but they use a good chunk of a building for training and there is another one that isn’t in use that Legend Airlines used.


Love Field is now Southwest’s number eight airport as of Nov 12th 2005.


The answer to that question is political, not physical. When Southwest was the only airline at Love, there was an entire wing of comparable size that was boarded up. The argument is going to be about noise and traffic congestion, not gate space.