DAL273 Being Diverted to Bangor

Flight diverted to KBGR based on comment of one of the passengers according to MSNBC

flightaware.com/live/flight/DAL2 … /LFPG/KATL

What was said?

Apparently it involved a bomb threat. The passenger - an American citizen - was subdued by air marshals

Lots more info here including video of the plane landing:

wcsh6.com/news/local/story.a … 25&catid=2

Quit flying A330’s and it won’t happen… :smiley:

What the passenger actually said was: “An Airbus?! I may as well just strap on a bomb! We’re all dead…”

Or something like that :wink:

No, if it’s an Airbus he don’t need a bomb, they’ll all be dead anyway… :slight_smile: :unamused:

Ouch, guys.


I’m definitely seeing a correlation between Delta’s Airbuses and crazy people. I knew we should have immediately gotten rid of them.

Yes sir… :wink:

The flight continues to KATL with a different number, DAL9901

ROFLMAO :laughing: