BTA2772 Diversion due to Passenger Bomb Threat

Expressjet Flight 2772 (Continental Express) from KCVG-KEWR was diverted to KCLE around 8:45 tonight (10/9) after a passenger told a FA that he had a bomb. The ERJ-145 landed at Hopkins around 9:00p.m. The Cleveland Bomb Squad was boarding the plane a few moments ago, around 10:30. The media is saying that there are 16 passengers on board (3 crew presumably).
Another day, another psycho who endangers travellers by crying wolf once again. When do we start thinning the herd??

Here’s the flight track. Pretty quick u-turn over NE Ohio. It’s not showing a flight log, so I can’t tell how fast he descended, but I imagine it was expedited considerably. … /KCVG/KEWR

Story was written up in the Cincinnati Enquirer. And for historical purposes, Here is the flight history link.

Thanks. I thought about doing that last night, but I would have been guessing on the second set of numbers (+Z), so I just left it. I edited the link now (before anyone starts yelling). :smiley: